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Akigumo Cardigan

Akigumo Cardigan

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"Autumn clouds"

YASHIKI's classic crew neck cardigan.

The image is of a quiet rice field after the sun has set and the rice harvest has finished, and of a blue and red sheep cloud floating in the sky just before nightfall.

The rounded cable knitting on the side of the body represents a fluffy sheep cloud, and the waffle knitting on the center of the body and sleeves represents an autumn rice field after harvesting.

Using a technique known as plating knitting, in which different threads are knitted on the front and back sides, the colors of the threads are changed on the front and back sides, creating a deep look by knitting in two colors.

YASHIKI pays homage to the standard kimono pattern, so that when worn, the shoulders fall and give a soft impression.

The cuffs feature the brand icon [arrow kasuri] pattern.

The buttons are made from natural black lipped oyster shell, and each button has a unique expression and an elegant iridescent shine.


1: Length 67.5 / Shoulder width 63 / Width 60 / Sleeve length 52.5
2: Length 70 / Shoulder width 65 / Width 62 / Sleeve length 53.5

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