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Salt-shrunk cotton linen easy wide pants

Salt-shrunk cotton linen easy wide pants

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The pants are made from a single piece using the same fabric used in Yamauchi's standard shirts (YC41-231).

It is very light and has a unique crisp and cool feel that makes it suitable for summer, and the wide silhouette and easy-to-wear design with an elastic waistband make it very relaxing to wear.

Although it is designed as a set with a 23134 jacket and a YC41-231 shirt made of the same material, it has enough presence on its own.

Outer material: 50% cotton / 50% linen (from Omi)

Cotton linen from Omi is so thin that you can see your hand through it when you put your hand on the back of the fabric, and when it is subjected to strong salt shrinkage, it becomes extremely clogged and the fabric shrinks by about 30% in the length and width.
The random wrinkles that appear throughout the fabric as it shrinks and the dry surface give it a somewhat Japanese paper-like feel.
Not all fabrics have the same look after salt shrinkage, and the finish depends on the grain, texture, dyeing method, and various conditions, so we have conducted numerous tests over the years. So, I came across this fabric that doesn't have too many wrinkles that make it stand out, but it's not too weak either, and it has a consistent look.
At first glance, it may seem like a slight change, but it makes me want to pick it up and wear it again in a deeper way, but I purposely create products with a sense of balance and elegance in mind.
This fabric is one of Yamauchi's indispensable textiles that always corrects that feeling.

A dyeing method that uses ultra-fine charcoal powder.
The finished dyeing is a pale blue-gray color, and because it adheres to the surface of the fibers like pigment dyeing, it is characterized by a casual uneven appearance.
Contrary to persimmon tannin dyeing, the color gradually fades over time, and because charcoal has the inherent effects of deodorizing, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties, it is especially effective in Japan's humid summers.

4: Waist 78-105 / Hips 119 / Rise 33.5 / Inseam 75 / Hem opening 49

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