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Salt-shrunk cotton linen shirt

Salt-shrunk cotton linen shirt

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One of the few standard shirts that Yamauchi offers throughout the year.

All parts are double-layered with smooth cotton cupra lining, and all stitching is on the reverse side to give you a feel of the texture of the fabric.

The dry look of Japanese paper and the texture and design with random wrinkles make this item unique to Yamauchi, giving it a somewhat Japanese feel.

They have a wide range of styling options and are useful as textiles, so we hope you will experience the real joy of wearing clothes, such as choosing the size and collar shape.

Outer material: 50% cotton / 50% linen (from Omi)
Lining: 55% cotton / 45% cupro

Cotton linen from Omi, which is so thin that you can see through it when you put your hand on the back of the fabric, is treated with strong salt shrinkage, which causes the eyes to become clogged and the fabric to shrink by about 30% in the length and width.
The random wrinkles that appear throughout the fabric as it shrinks and the dry surface give it a somewhat Japanese paper-like feel.
Not all fabrics look the same after salt shrinkage, and the finish depends on the grain, texture, dyeing method, and various other conditions.
For this reason, after repeated tests over and over again, we arrived at a fabric that does not wrinkle too strongly or too strongly, nor is it too weak, and has a consistent look. there was.
Yamauchi's design begins with textiles, but it is not good for textiles to be too pushy or make too much of a statement.
You can always wear it without hesitation, and you'll want to pick it up and wear it again.At first glance, it may seem like a slight change, but we deliberately create products with a sense of balance and elegance.
This fabric is one of Yamauchi's indispensable textiles that always corrects that feeling.

A processing method that uses caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) to give fabric a unique wrinkle and uneven texture.
Because it is a very time-consuming process, it is not suitable for large-scale processing, and everything is done by hand.
Additionally, because the chemicals used are dangerous, there are very few factories that can process them at high concentrations.

4: Length 82 / Shoulder width 47.3 / Chest measurement 118 / Sleeve length 63.6

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