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Fuyuki Hoodie

Fuyuki Hoodie

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I imagined trees with prominent branches, swaying as if they were about to shed their remaining leaves.

Hoodie with a relaxed silhouette.

The plain jersey knitting at the base represents the sky seen through the trees, and the fine diagonal pattern on the side of the body represents the wind shaking the leaves.

Using a technique known as plating knitting, in which different threads are knitted on the front and back sides, the colors of the threads are changed on the front and back sides, creating a deep look by knitting in two colors.

YASHIKI pays homage to the standard kimono pattern, so that when worn, the shoulders fall and give a soft impression.

The cuffs feature the brand icon [arrow kasuri] pattern.


2: Length 71 / Shoulder width 68 / Width 66.5 / Sleeve length 54

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