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half zip sweat ai

half zip sweat ai

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Half-zip sweatshirt using hanging fleece.

A crew neck with a slightly higher collar.
The right sleeve has a 23SS motif pressed flower print.

By adding biowash to the product, we are able to close the texture of the fabric while still retaining the softness characteristic of hanging fleece.
In addition, the products are dyed with an indigo dye called ``Jujizome'' from Miyazaki Prefecture, and are finished with a unique uneven dyeing.

*Due to natural indigo dyeing, the color may fade with washing. Also, if it is wet with water or rubbed too hard, the color may transfer.

L: Length 69 / Chest (width) 128 (64) / Hem (hem width) 98 (49) / Shoulder width 60 / Sleeve length 62

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