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Scrap stand collar shirt

Scrap stand collar shirt

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This season's most casual silhouette and detailed shirt item.
It features a stand-up collar, raglan sleeves, large buttons, and narrow cuffs, making it easy to imagine it being worn on a daily basis.

Yamauchi is always careful with his designs, and the more casual the item, the more conscious he is of properly finishing it.
It's not interesting at all to make casual items look casual.
Yamauchi, who is promoting his products as purely Japanese, wants to differentiate himself with casual items that show off the true power of Japanese products.

A mud scrap item made by selecting several types of thick fabric suitable for shirt items, mud-dying them, and reconstructing them.
Since the pieces are cut randomly when cutting, the pieces are sewn while enjoying the finished product.
Because they are all assembled from fabrics dyed in the same tone, they have an elegance that is completely different from second-hand clothing or items that have been crushed through post-processing.

Outer material: mix fabric *The main material used is cotton.

A dyeing method that uses techi wood dye, which is made by cutting the techi wood that grows naturally in Amami Oshima into chips, boiling it for two days, and fermenting it.
The brown fabric is dyed by dipping it in the dye over and over again, and then dyed in Amami's mud over and over again.
This is a dyeing method in which the tannins in the Techi tree dye react with the iron in the mud to create a blackish-brown or dark brown color that adheres to the fabric.At first, the finish is a little tight, but as you wear it, the tightness subsides, and with age. You can also enjoy the color change.
It is also characterized by its deodorizing and anti-corrosion properties, which are especially effective during Japan's humid summers.

4: Length 79 / Shoulder width 53.2 / Chest measurement 126 / Sleeve length 60.1

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