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Full-length wool stand collar shirt

Full-length wool stand collar shirt

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This season's most casual silhouette and detailed shirt item.
It features a stand-up collar, raglan sleeves, large buttons, and narrow cuffs, making it easy to imagine it being worn on a daily basis.

Yamauchi is always careful with his designs, and the more casual the item, the more he is conscious of making sure it is well-crafted.
It's not interesting at all to make casual items look casual.
Since Yamauchi is promoting its products as purely Japanese-made, they want to differentiate themselves with casual items that show off the underlying strength of Japanese-made products.

Outer material: 100% wool

Yamauchi's standard winter fabric is made by intentionally drawing thick Super 120's yarn, emphasizing fullness and warmth, but has been designed to be slightly denser, and by applying water shrinkage, it expresses fullness and becomes fluffier. We created a new textile that retains its masculinity.

4: Length 79 / Shoulder width 53.2 / Chest measurement 126 / Sleeve length 60.1

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