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Good evening. This is Ikeda.

The serialization of ONE PIECE has resumed, and the discussion world has become very excited, and the days when I can look forward to watching YouTube after returning home are back.
In ONE PIECE, it's navy because it's a navy, but today we'll be talking about military items from INNAT.

Personally, I really like military items, and I think it's natural for me to select items that use military as a design source.
I own a variety of used military clothing, but I feel that they often compromise on size and functionality.

By reinterpreting and making adjustments to such compromises, I feel that the uniqueness of the brand emerges.

As the title suggests, INNAT is a brand that has a "softness" that other brands don't have.
As someone who likes not only military but also work-related items, INNAT is full of items that I'm hooked on.

The number one reason for the feeling of "softness" is the color that is created by dyeing with natural dyes.
COLLECTION 01 is dyed with coffee, Kishu Bincho charcoal, madder, and gardenia.
* Akane and gardenia items are not available.
By dyeing them with natural dyes, they not only have "softness" but also a sense of depth, and these items create an atmosphere that cannot be achieved with other brands.

INNAT|en -en-
INNAT|en -en-

From what I've heard at exhibitions and other places, it's extremely difficult to achieve stable dyeing, and I won't go into details here, but it seems that it takes a lot of effort just to make samples.
When I heard that story, I was convinced by the charm that INNAT exudes.

What makes me very happy is that it's not just the color, but also the functionality.
For example, the snow camo pants have an elastic waistband, bag cloth in the pockets, and a two-tiered design to avoid the hassle of opening the flaps.They are also practical, with the wearer in mind. I think it's the "softness" that exists.

INNAT|en -en-
INNAT|en -en-

Since it is an item with such "softness", I think anyone can wear it without straining their shoulders or elbows.
It's unisex, so women are welcome too.

There weren't many COLLECTION 01 items available during the pre-opening period, so I don't think we could fully convey the appeal of INNAT, but I think we've created a lineup that can fully convey the appeal of COLLECTION 02.

COLLECTION 02 features a wide range of items, including items dyed with enju, pomegranate, and Kishu Bincho charcoal, items that take advantage of the natural colors of cotton, and items that use original fabrics, so you can experience the charm of INNAT for yourself. Please come and see me.


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