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Alpaca melton one tuck semi-wide pants

Alpaca melton one tuck semi-wide pants

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The deep tuck gives it just the right amount of thickness, and the slightly tapered silhouette towards the hem gives it a very elegant look.

It was designed without lining because we want you to experience the high-quality feel of alpaca melon on your skin.

When you look at the back of Yamauchi's items, not just the pants, you can feel Yamauchi's attention to detail.

Outer material: 100% alpaca (from Bishu)
Separate fabric: 100% cotton

Alpaca, which is normally difficult to fill, was made into melton and woven with a double weave.
Since last season, we have focused on alpaca material, and the rich expression and strength of the material are a perfect match for Yamauchi's winter clothes.
We used textiles from Katsuri Ichinomiya, who we have had a long-time relationship with, and even though we encountered many obstacles during the prototype stage, they were able to produce exactly what we had envisioned.
The finished fabric is very smooth and puffy, and although it has long fibers, it feels very soft on the skin, and above all, it has an overwhelming visual impact.
Emphasizing softness without increasing density, the double weave increases attention and creates a solid feel.
It is the highest quality fabric and has a very beautiful finish, so it is used in many items this season.

4: Waist 83.5 / Hips 118 / Rise 32.5 / Inseam 71 / Hem opening 44

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