Collection: Yamauchi

Being Japanese.

All of Yamauchi's clothes are made by Japanese people.
I'm Japanese, so I want to make clothes based on Japanese manufacturing.
However, as the world becomes more globalized, the current situation in Japan is that clothing-making sites are disappearing.

In the first place, I believe that techniques and traditions will end unless we make a conscious effort to continue them.
If the current trend is to make money as efficiently as possible, things like manufacturing and tradition will easily disappear.
If you are trying to get results right away and are trying to get around the workplace, the quality of your technology and products will not improve.
In order to create good products, we absolutely need time to deepen our relationships with each other.
By doing so, we can understand each other, and anything created using Japanese technology and Japanese sensibilities will definitely be communicated.

Although there are fewer and fewer factories in Japan with excellent technology and craftsmen with Japanese attention to detail, there are still many.
If we continue to make things with such people, the value of Japanese clothing making will increase and we will be needed even more.

Rather than thinking beyond national borders, I believe that by returning to Japan and aligning our steps and emotional vectors, we can create beautiful things.

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