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Scrap/3D switching pants 2

Scrap/3D switching pants 2

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Introduced as a successor model to the YC67, it has a slightly more spacious pattern design than the YC67, and has a three-dimensional silhouette made of the same detailed parts.

This model is also steadily gaining fans, with the straight silhouette and elastic waistband typical of men's casual pants being preferred.
This is one of Yamauchi's few items that continues to be available in a variety of fabrics.

The standard yc68 was rebuilt with Doro scrap.
Because the item is often changed, the wide variety of fabrics and colors fit together very well, resulting in a powerful item.

Outer material: mix fabric *The main material used is cotton.
Separate fabric: 100% cotton

A dyeing method that uses techi wood dye, which is made by cutting the techi wood that grows naturally in Amami Oshima into chips, boiling it for two days, and fermenting it.
The brown fabric is dyed by dipping it in the dye over and over again, and then dyed in Amami's mud over and over again.
This is a dyeing method in which the tannins in Teichi dye react with the iron content of the mud to create a blackish-brown or dark brown color that adheres to the fabric.The finish is a little tight at first, but as you wear it, the tension settles down, and with age. You can also enjoy the color change.
It is also characterized by its deodorizing and anti-corrosion properties, which are especially effective during Japan's humid summers.

4: Waist 77-99 / Hips 106.5 / Rise 32 / Inseam 77 / Hem opening 44

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