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Yaksheep pile hakomura camouflage zip jacket

Yaksheep pile hakomura camouflage zip jacket

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Until now, we have released many items that express camouflage patterns using Arimatsu Shibori, but we have never processed fabrics with such expressiveness.
There are certain restrictions on the fabrics that can be processed, and each time I look for fabrics that fit within those restrictions and ask them to process them.

However, the fabric I really wanted to try this time was Yamauchi Winter's standard sheep pile.
It's a fairly thick textile, several times the weight and thickness of the fabric I usually request.
Therefore, we started by creating a special frame for processing and repeated trial production.

When creating something a little different or new each season, it always takes a long time and a lot of testing.
It costs money, and there are many cases where you can't recover it, but if you don't take care of your desire to take on new challenges, you'll end up becoming defensive at some point.
As we are a collection brand, we want everyone to be surprised and happy, and that feeling will lead to motivation for the next step, so we will continue to work hard to create new things.

Outer material: 86% cotton / 14% yak wool (from Imabari)
Lining: 70% cotton / 30% polyester
Separate fabric: 100% cotton

A pile made in Imabari that Yamauchi continues to use as a standard boa for fall and winter.
The characteristics of Imabari pile are its bulge and feel against the skin.
The textiles that meet Imabari Pile's strict conditions captivate those who touch them.
Blending yak with cotton greatly increases heat retention and creates a natural boa that cannot be expressed with synthetic boas.
The dyeing is botanical dyeing using natural dyes; the black boa is dyed with logwood, and the olive boa is dyed with olives from Dozushima Island.
On the other hand, the beige boa has a natural, undyed color, and the deep color is obtained by blending yak, expensive brown cotton, and rare green cotton.

In Aichi Prefecture, where Yamauchi is located, there is a town called Arimatsu that prospered for its drawing process.
Faced with the problem of successors, which is currently occurring in all production areas in Japan, the number of Arimatsu shibori craftsmen has decreased year by year, and now only a handful remain.
Since the brand's inception, Yamauchi has been exploring the possibilities of various squibs with the fifth generation of the processing plant.
We want to spread the beauty and joy of Arimatsu Shibori, which is a wonderful traditional craft, as much as possible, so we try to offer at least one item a season that incorporates Arimatsu Shibori.
We hope you will enjoy the unique pattern that can only be created in that moment, and think about and feel the history of Arimatsu Shibori, which has continued since the Edo period. 

4: Length 74 / Shoulder width 48.2 / Chest measurement 130 / Sleeve length 65.6

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