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A special incense plate that is convenient when using Palo Santo, which is popular in the WHOLE TREE series.

It features a minimalist design that combines unglazed ceramic plates and brass hardware.
This product only includes the incense plate and does not include PALO SANTO.

Size: W130 x D80 x H25mm
Material: Terracotta / Brass

*important point
This product is an incense plate.
PALO SANTO is not included.
When lighting a fire, be sure to check that there are no flammable materials nearby, and choose a location where there is no risk of fire or a large area with good air circulation.
Also, smoke may cause a fire alarm to react, so please use it in a location away from fire alarms.
Please be careful not to inhale the smoke directly.

*This product is made of terracotta material, which tends to have uneven coloring each time it is produced. Please note that the color may differ from the image.

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