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[30% off] SS TEE

[30% off] SS TEE

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A high-gauge cotton jersey knitted from No. 20 single thread.
Although it is single-strand, it is knitted to a high gauge, so there is not much diagonal of the fabric and it has a firm and firm finish.

The type is a continuation type from COLLECTION01.
The collar uses the ribbed knitting that is often seen on VINTAGE underwear.

The slightly thick knitted ribs on the collar are joined from the back shoulder line to the neck, creating a pattern that sticks to the neck.

The design is based on specifications found on second-hand clothing, such as the knitted ribs on the neckline, visible locks on the cuffs, and hem.

The dyeing uses botanical hybrid product dyeing.

An item that allows you to enjoy the changes over time as the joints have a sense of attack.


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