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[Becchu -exclusive-] Yonaga Knit Polo

[Becchu -exclusive-] Yonaga Knit Polo

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Image of a quiet autumn night with the sound of insects.

This polo shirt has a beautiful shine and an elegant impression.

The base pattern is simple and finished with glossy jersey knitting to represent a quiet autumn night.

We use supple and smooth Supima extra-long cotton with a beautiful glossy thread that is gas-fired to remove the fuzz.

It is a thin yet sturdy knitted fabric made of eight 80-count thin threads to create a 12-gauge fabric.

YASHIKI pays homage to the standard kimono pattern, so that when worn, the shoulders fall and give a soft impression.

The cuffs feature the brand icon [arrow kasuri] pattern, which resembles a family crest.

The buttons are made from natural black pearl shell. Each button has a different expression and an elegant rainbow-colored shine that makes them beautiful.

`` which represents a night sky with no moon and only starlight. Produced with colors inspired by `` Starry Night ' ' and Yves Klein's works.


1: Length 68.5 / Shoulder width 63 / Body width 61 / Sleeve length 55
2: Length 71 / Shoulder width 65 / Width 63 / Sleeve length 56

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