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2-Tack Cotton Nylon Military Pants

2-Tack Cotton Nylon Military Pants

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Easy-fitting military pants made of cotton nylon fabric.

It has a full-length straight silhouette with room around the waist.

The fabric is made of 80/2 vertically twisted cotton yarn, giving it a smooth and crisp feel similar to synthetic fibers, and is gas-boiled to reduce fuzz and create a glossy fabric.

Based on military pants with a rugged look, they are tucked in, and added with carry-outs and buckles to create a sporty and sophisticated look.

The belt part is pintucked to represent the brand icon obi.
Easy pants with elastic on both sides, size can be adjusted with a buckle.
You can enjoy changing the silhouette with the drawcord at the hem.

The product has been washed.

COTTON 67% / NYLON 33%

1: Waist 74-83 / Rise 27.5 / Inseam 72.5 / Waist 38.5 / Hem width 24.5
2: Waist 79-88 / Rise 28.5 / Inseam 75 / Waist 40 / Hem width 25.5

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